what have i done sweet jesus what have i done

pretty much all i’ve been doing lately is nuzlocke challenge related things because i have like three going at once and more planned oh god what have i done SO HERE’S A QUICK SPRITE of one of my characters  ????? ? ? ? ??? ? ?  her name’s emma and she pretends she doesn’t have feelings

Hi, would it be ok to just do one pokemon and not splice it? If so could you do Quilava? :D Thanks for your time!

are you asking for an animation?  or a trainer?  ah i don’t know entirely what you’re asking for, i’ll be happy to do whatever, though c:

ladies, gentlemen, and assorted other genders!  step right up to jace’s pokemon splice blog!  

i’m a bit bored and i very much need some requests!  along with the usual fare for the splice blog, i’ll also animate frames from pokemon ranger and other less popular pokemon games c:  

anywho, ya’ll should send me some requests for splices, gijinkas, or sprites of characters or OCs to attempt!

yo!  i’ve been animating sprites from pokemon ranger b/c i could only find the frames, so here are a few that are finished:

so yeah feel free to request specific ones you want animated, just give me credit if you use them for anything c:

she actually looked better without the white and purple on her arms

frick u jinx for having ugly-ass arms

(also, if anyone’s interested, i’ve started a nuzlocke challenge on pearl, and i’ll be keeping track of it/posting the comic on this blog over here)

a bit of a self-indulgent sprite here; Olivier Armstrong, from Fullmetal Alchemist!

Feel free to use the sprite, just remember to credit me c:

i think i hate alder’s hair at least 57% more than i did before

Growlithe and Arcanine!  my absolute favorite pokemon.  fire types ftw

Intro post! for a shiny new sprite blog

get it, shiny

hi!  I’m Eva and it took me three tries to write this sentence.

If you want to know about me personally, check out my personal blog c: I blog game of thrones, les mis, fullmetal alchemist, and, of course, pokemon (and also other things, but if i listed all of them this would be about two pages long).

anywho, i’ve been spriting on and off for years, so i guess i’m not too shabby at it c:

so please send in requests for sprites and splices!  i prefer doing trainers, so i can make you things like sprites of your OCs, trainer cards, and other lovely things like that.  feel free to use any of the backgrounds i’ve made (they’re all tagged “background”), and any of the pokemon splices (unless they’re specific requests of someone’s ‘sona, but those will be marked), all you need to do is credit me!  

Also, if you haven’t gathered already, i’m happy to make sprites of your OCs or ‘sonas, just shoot me an ask c: